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When asked to back up his claims on counterfeit ballots, the attorney general says he’s basing his assertion ‘on logic’

In a CNN interview, William Barr, the attorney general, echoed Donald Trump’s misinformation about mail-in voting and denied racism in the policing – but on both counts came up short when asked to provide evidence to back up his claims.

Barr said he didn’t have evidence to prove that foreign countries could interfere in US elections with counterfeit ballots, as he has previously claimed; rather, he’s basing his assertion “on logic”. On policing, Barr defied logic and denied that police discrimination against Black Americans amounted to racism.

Attorney General Barr says he doesn’t have evidence that foreign countries could successfully interfere in the election with fake ballots. He says he’s “basing it on logic.”

Wolf: Pardon? 

Barr: “Logic.”

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