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The SPETSNAZ HYPOTHESIS Of The Accidents November – December 2022 – Selected Tweets

#FBI FBI: Did the Spetsnaz team drive across the country to perform their next assignments: shooting at the power substations in Moore county, close to Fort Bragg? Were the military servicemen targeted specifically? Isn’t it the same tactic as in Ukraine? | Idaho killer shows signs of ‘military’ background | Did the Spetsnaz “CONTROLLERS” GROUP (or Mob team) travel this route at the time of these attacks, one week apart? Is it possible to trace it down? | Was Anderson Lee Aldrich (GS), a suspect in Colorado Springs gay club shooting, the actual or the only shooter? Was he just conveniently blamed? Were there other or multiple shooters? The Spetsnaz team? Was this adequately investigated?

By Michael Novakhov (Mike Nova) 12/07/2022 05:29:00 AM

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