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The January 6 hearings: “chilling anatomy of an attempted coup” | Selected Articles Review – 8:56 AM 6/10/2022

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The January 6 hearings: “chilling anatomy of an attempted coup”.

The inevitable question is: What are the true FBI’s involvements and roles (several various ones, apparently) in this affair? 

What is the true scope of the involvement of the Foreign hostile intelligence services, the Russian ones most obviously, in this affair and the preparations for it? 

What is the degree of Putin’s direct attempts in assisting Trump to manage this plot? 

Was this “attempted coup” a part of the larger plan and design by the hypothetical New Abwehr: to replay the origins of Fascism and the Fascist Dictatorship in America, their “Little-Big Germany”? Was this scheduled to commemorate the 75-th Anniversary of the WW2 end (along with other staged events, such as “Covid-19 Pandemic”)?

Etc., etc., etc. 

Many questions that should be asked and answered, in my humble opinion. 

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(CNN)It was one of the most gripping evenings of television in memory.

Americans who chose to watch the first January 6 House select committee hearing saw the people closest to former President Donald Trump lay out in damning detail the violent insurrection at the US Capitol, tracing a direct line of responsibility to Trump for leading what looks very much like an attempted coup, a plot to seize power by force and deny the American people the government of their choosing.

It was a searing indictment, made all the more powerful because the people who provided the most damaging accusations against Trump were those closest to him, people who had vigorously defended him in the past.

The historic hearing was devastating for the twice-impeached former president. But will it make a difference? For a sample of the depth of cynicism about the prospects that Trump will be held accountable, look at the comments following this report of an investigation into his handling of gifts he received as president.

Americans have seen Trump impeached; they have watched him break rules relentlessly without paying a price.

Will it happen this time? The case was strong and we know that Attorney General Merrick Garland was watching. But the key point here is not just what happens to the man who, according to committee vice chair Rep. Liz Cheney, “summoned the mob, assembled the mob, and lit the flame,” of the attack on the Capitol.