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Saved Web Pages – Daily Report at 9 p.m. – My Opinion – #OpinionFive Points #Peace Plan for #Ukraine:1.Establish the Republic of #Crimea

Saved Web Pages – Daily Report at 9 p.m.

created by Michael Novakhov  •  Apr 17 2023

The most notable news articles in full text version.
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Michael Novakhov @mikenov My Opinion

My Opinion – #OpinionFive Points #Peace Plan for #Ukraine:1.Establish the Republic of #Crimea, which… 4h

| ערוץ 7 4h

Following Arrest of Pentagon Leaks Suspect Jack Teixeira, Far-Right Conspiracists…

Details Far-Right / Far-Left Threat April 14, 2023 .. 5h

The Short Path From a Discord Flex to High Treason

Information is power, so the saying goes. Online, and specifically in niche communities, proffering information… 6h

Bombshell new theory on origin of coronavirus pandemic

Two teenage girls have allegedly been raped after being approached by a pair of men outside a McDonald’s…. 6h

US charges two over NYC ‘secret Chinese police station’

The Russian planes were spotted over the eastern part of Nato’s border, near EstoniaU.S. law enforcement… 6h

Creepy AI reveals plan for world domination and tells users how to make BOMBS

A NEW creepy AI technology has revealed a plan for world domination to its users along with instructions… 12h

World War II analogies are about as useful today as carrier pigeons

Will you join my new club? It’s going to be called the Society for Abolishing World War II Analogies.Members… 13h

Report: Chinese firms breaking Russian embargo with US chips 14h

China Defence Min meets Putin in Moscow amid soaring tensions with Taiwan; may discuss…

Follow us on Image Source : AP Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese Defense Minister Gen… 18h