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The Republican party, led by a plutocrat, continues to outdo Democrats in appearing the champion of working families

In assessing the Republican national convention, liberal columnists poured forth a torrent of bile and scorn. Some sample headlines from the Washington Post: “The GOP Convention Just Ripped the Mask off Trump’s Corruption and Lies.” “Trump Shows us the Limits of Running the Country Like a Reality TV Show.” “Trump’s Choice for America: Democracy or White Supremacy?” “What Country Does Mike Pence Live In?” “The Latest Chaos at the Convention Reveals Trump as a Miserable Failure.” “To sum up,” Jennifer Rubin, the Washington Post columnist, wrote in a representative passage, “the Republican party has dropped any pretense of a policy platform, throwing its lot in with a racist, xenophobic and compulsively dishonest man who creates chaos and dysfunction and is the subject of multiple investigations relating to his finances.”

For those of us who devoutly desire Trump’s defeat, the Republican convention did seem a miasma of bromides and bombast, hypocrisy and hyperbole, fawning and evasion. The columnists’ lockstep bashing of Trump, however, is revealing in its own way. It shows the extent to which the liberal commentariat has become an arm of the Democratic party. It also suggests their remarkable lack of curiosity and interest in how the convention played with ordinary voters. And, however cynical and manipulative the show may have been, it seemed in many ways an effective one.

Michael Massing is the author most recently of Fatal Discord: Erasmus, Luther, and the Fight for the Western Mind

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1. Trump from Michael_Novakhov (197 sites)