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Michael Novakhov – SharedNewsLinks℠: Are the school shooters directed and manipulated by the Foreign (Russian} Intelligence Services?

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Are the school shooters directed and manipulated by the Foreign (Russian} Intelligence Services? – GS

Are (the susceptable due to mental illnes or similar problems) school shooters directed and manipulated (including on-line) by the Foreign (Russia is the prime suspect) Intelligence Services (allied with the Russian Mob, their foot soldiers)?! 

The statistical conneection between the frequency of shooting episodes and the international events has to be explored further, but it appears to be present on the first (unarmed eye) glance. 

There is no use of denying and avoiding this issue, it has to be dealt with. 

To me, it seems very likely that Putin himself might be behind this and other activities of this type. It is quite possible that this was a retaliation for the Beslan School incident at first, and then it aquired the momentum of its own. 

FBI and other Counterintelligence Services: you have to act now or it will be no end to this; the attempts to terrorise and to intimidate America and other countries will continue and intensify. 

Michael Novakhov | 5:50 AM 5/27/2022 – Post Link

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