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Blogs from Michael_Novakhov (30 sites): The Brooklyn News And Times: 5:13 AM 12/17/2020 – Emmanuel Macron has tested positive for COVID-19

5:13 AM 12/17/2020

Emmanuel Macron has tested positive for COVID-19 – Google Search
Russian hack 2020 – Google Search
Billions Spent on U.S. Cyberdefenses Failed to Detect Giant Russian Hack – The New York Times
US intel agencies say government networks compromised in cyberattack | The Times of Israel
Trump ‘told advisers he will REFUSE to leave the White House – 4:47 AM 12/17/2020
Trump ‘told advisers he will REFUSE to leave the White House on Inauguration Day’ | Daily Mail Online
John Ioannidis: Coronavirus lockdowns questioned by Stanford scientist on Fox News – The Washington Post



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    Majority believe media buried Hunter Biden story to aid dad’s campaign: poll 

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    Reporter covering Biden tests positive for COVID-19 

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    Emmanuel Macron tests positive for Covid-19 and is self-isolating 

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    Ocasio-Cortez: I’m “not ready” to be Speaker but Pelosi and Schumer need to go 

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    I am very much looking forward to seeing honest people in the White House again.

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    On this day in 1939, the German pocket battleship Admiral Graf Spee – heavily damaged after the Battle of the River Plate – is scuttled off Montevideo, Uruguay. The captain, Hans Langsdorff, destroys his vessel rather than surrender it to the Allies. He later shoots himself.

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    It is impressive how many problems Trump manages to create during his last 3 months in power.
    1. He has killed the two-state solution in Israel/Palestine by supporting Netanyahu by all means.
    2. By selling F-35 to UAE he has increased the risk of war in the region.

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    Monster blows in. States, cities, including , & , declaring emergencies, shutting down services. warnings in at least 14 states; blizzards possible w/near-0 visibility in some places, + 2’ of .

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    Much more from Storm is ahead tonight and Thursday.

    Our latest, updated forecast briefing: 

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    There are no snow days, and no working from home for these cops!

    A special thanks to the men & women of the NYPD who are out there working in Winter Storm — they’re away from their families, helping stranded motorists, & keeping all NYers safe tonight.

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