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MintPress News: MintPress Is Recognizing Our Essential Workers: Independent Journalists

Dear friends of MintPress News,

For the next week, MintPress News will be offline and enjoying Staff Appreciation Week to celebrate one of the most underappreciated Essential Workers working tirelessly and selflessly to keep us informed about stories the mainstream establishment media ignore or under look: Independent Journalists. 

From August 31st – September 6th, we will not be accepting submissions or filings, nor will we be editing. MintPress will be offline. I have provided this week to all of our staff as a bonus paid time off for self care and vacation. 

2020 has been an extraordinary year for all working Americans because of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The effects on us all have created significant challenges that have led to higher amounts of stress and anxiety. As a single working mom of two boys working full time as an editor, producer and host with MintPress, I know first hand the challenges and strain COVID-19 has had on families and on our work. We often hear about the clerks at grocery stores, the nurses and doctors and the teachers, but we rarely hear about independent journalists upholding our first amendment in keeping us informed. 

It’s us, independent journalists, that are acting as a watchdog to the war machine, police and national security state, special interest groups and the billionaire 1%while the mainstream corporate media cheer them on and act as their lap dogs. Independent journalists are in a David and Goliath battle for truth and justice in a world bombarded with fake news and propaganda spewed by PR agents of the state. And in the time of COVID, social media giants are using this pandemic as yet another reason to expand censorship in it’s crackdown of alternative voices making us a target.

MintPress recognizes how exhausting this has been to all of us. And while we are exhausted, we are more determined than ever. While the world continues to spin, it’s time for us to turn off our devices and take a break for self care. 

This is why I provided our journalists and editors with Staff Appreciation Week from August 31st – September 6th. It’s the least MintPress can do to show our appreciation and gratitude for the tireless efforts our independent journalists do to shed light on the most important issues facing our world.

I think you can agree. 

We’ll see you when we’re back September 7th! 


In solidarity, 


Mnar Muhawesh Adley 

Founder, Editor in chief 

MintPress News

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